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Lighting Relamping

  • Is your lighting keeping your business in the dark ?
  • Is production hindered through bad light ?
  • Is bad lighting creating safety problems?
  • Are you always replacing lamps ?

Whether you have a café, office, shop, school or restaurant, etc JEM can provide solutions to your lighting problems.

While it might seem right to replace lamps one at a time it means multiple visits to buy lamps, you pay more for reduced quantities, you end up with different colours of lamp, and it takes a staff member away from their main duties. There can also be safety implications that the inexperienced eye will not appreciate. By calling JEM we work out when the lamps should be changed in the safest and most efficient way so that your lighting remains bright, efficient, and the reduction in your time spent on maintenance lets you concentrate on your business.

Some lighting is very inefficient and produces a lot of heat as well as light eg. halogen lamps, where appropriate we can advise on solutions to fit your plans and budget.

Joined up thinking

While we check your lighting, we can advise on many other areas of building services: Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting, Security Systems, and Heating etc.

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For advice or to discuss a solution to fit your needs and budget, contact Brian Moughtin at JEM Mechanical and Electrical. Use the contact form on this page, call 01484 664301 or 07979 397834 or , and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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