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What's the difference?

At the end of the day you can spend as much or as little as you like, it’s selfish but all you need is something that will make your business less of a target than your neighbours!

Whether you are looking for security for your Cafe ,Shop, Restaurant, or Office, JEM will design, install and maintain a system that.:

  • Provides you with peace of mind
  • Serves you, and doesn’t act as your controller.
  • Is tailored to your needs and budget

You can buy a cheap system that is thrown in, will give you no end of headaches cost a fortune in maintenance and will last a couple of years or a system that will be good for a 10 years or more, give you peace of mind and you hardly know it’s there.

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Detection comes in a number of forms generally they are based on either methods of detection that are described as Internal trap or Perimeter.

Detection method Disadvantage Advantage
Internal trap To be detected the intruder has already made entry into your home causing damage by forcing a door, smashing a window etc. Cheaper to install, easier to conceal wiring.
Perimeter More expensive to install, harder to conceal wiring Intruder can be detected while they are outside, less damage less potential for confronting a burglar etc.
Type Where used
Movement One device can cover a whole room used to signal someone is present or not.
Opening Used on doors and windows to signal they have been opened or closed.
Vibration Patio doors, windows used to signal a vibration is present or not.
detection-vibration detection-movement
Vibration detector Movement detector
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Smoke and heat detectors can be connected to your security system as well as other forms of detection.

Pet tolerant devices are available

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The system isn’t much use if you can’t operate it, at the heart of every system is a central wiring point, this point can have an integral keypad and indication of system status or the keypad can be located remotely at one or more points.

You may be a sole user or there may be lots of different users with different levels of access and control.

Remote keypad

Remote keypad

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Your particular requirements would be agreed with you.

Bells only – This is where the system will give both audible and visual indication both internally and externally that an intruder has been detected.

Remote signalling – This is where signals are sent off the premises by various means including SMS.

External Bell Box

External Bell Box

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  • Type A – One service visit per year from £35
  • Type B – One service visit per year, unlimited call outs, all parts and labour, from £70


  • We will respond to calls to repair or service any system; however priority is given to customers on planned maintenance.

JEM are Texecom registered installers but have experience of numerous manufacturer’s products including, ADE, Gardiner Technology, Risco, Menvier, Scantronic, Tunstall.

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