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Why rewire at all?


One we didn’t rewire !

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Buying a house and unsure of the age and condition of the wiring?

If you feel competent to do it here’s how to check the age. If in doubt do not proceed!

  1. Switch off at the main switch
  2. Check for the colour of earth sleeving at a light pendent by unscrewing the cover – it may be tight don’t risk breaking it !
  3. If the sleeving is Green and not green and yellow the wiring is at least 35 years old. If the wiring is that old you would be advised to put a plan in place to manage its replacement. JEM are pleased to help you manage this to suit your requirements.

If you don’t feel competent to do the above or if you want a further confirmation etc We can undertake cheap visual checking in the way of a Domestic Visual Condition Report for £35 if you are within the immediate area and if necessary carry out repairs, upgrades, modernisations etc.


Brian has seen many rewires and has to say he has seen more distress caused to customers by this work than any other construction activity.

How often does a house need rewiring ?

Government figures are based on 30 years - However Brian has extensive knowledge in assessing the wiring and believes that once the wiring has reached this age it is likely that although the wiring may last a little while longer, other aspects like inadequate numbers of sockets come into play.

If you are buying a house where the wiring is of that age you may wish to consider your costs of redecoration - if you do not rewire and then find a rewire is required a couple of years later you may feel you have wasted a lot of money and needlessly put you and your family in the costly and distressful position of needing to rewire when occupied.

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What does a rewire involve?

The work involves getting wires from a conveniently accessible location of your Consumer unit (Fusebox) to every light point and wall switch , socket, Garage, shed, Gas meter and Water stop tap supplies etc.

It means hiding those wires by lifting carpets and floorboards and channelling out plaster on walls down to bare brick these activities cause massive disruption and dust, noise and of course you may have no light power, heat, hot water etc during the working day , even with the best efforts this of course makes a normal household routine impossible.

If you or your family suffer from any respiratory problems eg asthma you are at increased risk from the work.

Likewise if you or your family suffer from anxiety or depression rest assured this major work can cause great distress.

Brian’s advice is it just isn’t worth the grief – do it when empty for everyone’s sake !

Health and Safety

Rewiring is not only distressing for a householder it can be fatal to electricians and due to the nature of drilling into the fabric of the building it is a legal requirement to know if any asbestos is present .

Brian has undergone the P402 asbestos awareness course.

You can use the opportunity to add style to make your house a home by choosing decorative switches and sockets.

How many sockets should I have ?

The table below is the minimum recommended in the IET OSG (On Site Guide) all sockets are double.

Room type/size Small (up to 12 m²) Medium (up to 25 m²) Large (over 25 m²)
Main living room 4 6 8
Dining Room 3 4 5
Single Bedroom 2 3 4
Double Bedroom 3 4 5
Bedsitting Room 4 5 6
Study 4 5 6
Utility room 3 4 5
Kitchen 6 8 10
Garage 2 3 4
Conservatory 3 4 5
Hallway 1 2 3
Loft 1 2 3

The numbers are a minimum and additional guidance on numbers can be given - a lack of sockets is likely to be designated a hazard and adding sockets later is more costly so better to plan ahead.

How long does a rewire take ?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the time will depend if your home is Buckingham palace or a one room bedsit but an average 3 bed semi-detached property can be completed in a week.

Time can be increased by adding extra works however overall better standards of work and economies of scale are achieved if everything possible is carried out together.

This saves the cost and disruption of repeatedly lifting floorboards, protecting carpets , having time off work, decorating, etc

Things you may want to consider including:
Burglar alarm, security lighting, door bell, outside sockets, perhaps your going to add a shower later. Thinking of a Garage / shed get the power routed while all the other disruption is being caused – less to do later.

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How much does a rewire cost ?

To do a rewire in Huddersfield the cost will vary according to time taken and materials used but a good rule of thumb is £40 per basic point.

What standards does a rewire need to be to ?

The UK national standard for wiring is BS7671:2008

Mandatory requirements are the Building Regulations , and these range from Building Regulations Approved Document A through to BRAD P

For your home to operate properly there are lots of areas that the electrician can affect in relation to the structure of the building , eg weakening joists and walls, how the work interlinks with Fire safety, energy efficiency etc

If you’re going to do a job you may as well do it right – so consider providing enough light in Kitchen and bathroom to carry out the tasks that are carried out there. JEM calculate this for you.

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