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Security Lighting Guide

Information to help you choose your Security Lighting

The table below shows the different types of light source and switching.

Types of light source
Type Advantage Disadvantage
Halogen Cheap to buy, Instant light Expensive to run, Expensive to maintain, Lamp life only 2000 hours
Fluorescent Cheap to run, 10000 hour lamp life Expensive to buy, Light takes a bit to get to full brightness
Types of switching
Type Advantage Disadvantage
PIR (Passive infrared movement detector) Saves energy Can be operated by animals, branches etc can be annoying to neighbours
Photoelectric cell ( Dusk to dawn switch) Automatically switches light on at dusk and off at dawn Unaffected by animals etc

West Yorkshire Police advice is that lighting should remain on all night – many people think that this is expensive but this is not always the case.

A low energy light source such as fluorescent will consume 26 Watts of electricity and if operated via a photocell will be lit 3000 hours per year so electricity would cost 3000 x 26 x £0.10 = £7.80 per year and the lamp should last over 3 years!

A small price to pay for peace of mind.

floodlight-low-photocell floodlight-hi-pir floodlight-low-pir
Low Energy floodlight switched on / off by Photocell Power hungry floodlight switched on by PIR movement detector Low energy floodlight switched on by PIR movement detector

Download the pdf file: Comparison of low energy and power hungry floodlighting

Download the pdf file: JEM - Ultimate Security Lighting System

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